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Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update | Written Episode- 347

Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update: Ishqbaaaz is a Hindi drama aired on Star Plus. The story is about three brothers – Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra — who share an unbreakable bond despite their dysfunctional family. Watch all the latest episodes of Ishqbaaaz only on

Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update| Written Episode- 347, 7 Seasons

Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update Written Episode begins with Ragini and Pinky pronounces to be Shivaay’s fiancee before the media. Ragini says Shivaay is absent since his battle with Anika, media questions Anika, Anika gets bothered. Some time back… Anika binds Rakhi to Sahil.

Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update
Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update

Gauri gets gifts for Sahil and Rudra clicks photos. Sahil gifts Shivaay and Anika’s photo to Anika, Anika gets emotional and remembers Shivaay. Anika goes in her room with Photo. Anika cries holding the photo, Dadi consoles her. Anika gets worried about Shivaay, Dadi pacifies her and tells her to stop the wedding drama. Dadi tells Anika to confess the love. Rudra sees Bhavya and tells her he was worried for her. Bhavya feels guilty for Shivaay’s situation. Bhavya says whoever she goes close to gets in danger, first her family and now Rudra’s family.

Rudra stops Bhavya and reveals to her that Bhavya is not liable and in light of her Rudra’s family is protected. Rudra says he prefers her as intense Police Officer and not powerless lady. Bhavya says this is altogether done by Sultan and guarantees Rudra that she will rebuff Sultan. Pinky sees Ragini eating garbage sustenance and gets stunned. Pinky discloses to her Shivaay is fine however is missing, Pinky ponders with Ragini’s chilly and strange response. Anika gets enthusiastic seeing her Mangalsutra and recollects minutes went through with Shivaay.

Anika holds Shivaay’s clothes and cries. Anika touches Shivaay’s things and feels them. Ragini makes the drama of crying and takes the photo from Anika, Anika questions Ragini. Anika and Ragini get in an argument, Ragini says all bad stuff about Shivaay’s condition, Anika gets furious and fires Ragini. Ragini hopes that Shivaay’s face would be alright, Anika throws Ragini out of her room and tells her Ragini has no right on Shivaay. Ragini gets angry and decides to teach a lesson to Anika. Gauri gives medicine to Dadi, Omkara sees, Dadi praises Gauri. Omkara gets overwhelmed. Anika cries, Gauri consoles her. Ragini calls Pinky repetitively, Pinky suddenly gets annoyed and screams at Ragini. Pinky feels an outsider in the house as no one is telling her about Shivaay. Ragini says it is time to tell everyone that they are the important people in Shivaay’s life.

Chief discloses to Bhavya that Sultan is out for a major ordeal and she should go for broke to get Sultan. Ragini makes an interest to Media to get data about Shivaay and pronounces herself as Shivaay’s fiancee. Pinky underpins Ragini. Ragini tells media that Shivaay left in view of a battle with Anika. Media questions Anika, Anika gets bothered and confused. Bhavya and Gauri stop the journalists, Bhavya tosses them out by her power. Gauri and Bhavya stand up to Pinky, Pinky censures Anika. Bhavya reminds Pinky that house has a place with Anika and her consent ought to have been taken. Ragini claims that house may be Anika’s however Shivaay has a place with her. Gauri cautions Ragini and faces her. Pinky and Ragini get stunned, Bhavya joins Ragini. Anika stops them, Anika goes up against Ragini for bringing Shivaay and his own issue out in broad daylight, since she needed to demonstrate her privilege. Pinky and Ragini stay stunned. Svetlana calls the tantric, Jahnvi reassures Svetlana. Svetlana thinks Tej will slaughter her.

Gauri takes Anika to Mata Rani. Anika opposes and says Mata Rani never tunes in to her. Gauri requests that Anika have confidence. Gauri approaches Anika to ask at any rate for Shivaay. Svetlana gets hold of Tantric and looks for her assistance. Svetlana endures for her assistance. Tantric advises Svetlana to consume every one of the things of Tej. Tej’s auto holds up at Check Naka, Pinky sees him and gets stunned, Tantric calls Tej and advises about her meeting with Svetlana, Tej gets cheerful. Pinky takes after Tej’s auto and achieves a house. Pinky chooses to get Tej with Svetlana. Svetlana packs her sack, Pinky achieves, Jhanvi stops Pinky, Jhanvi advises Pinky to leave, Svetlana hears Pinky. Svetlana turns out, Jahnvi conceals Pinky. Svetlana checks and backpedals and begins consuming everything of Tej with Jhanvi. Svetlana hears the bizarre sound, Jhanvi says Svetlana must be having something more, Svetlana recollects verification against Tej, she gets the records, Jhanvi advises Tej, Svetlana tosses the documents in the fire. Jhanvi feels glad. Svetlana returns and says she is not a trick as Tej committed an error. Svetlana says how Jhanvi came to think about the documents and expels the copy records and CD from the shrouded put.

Ishqbaaz 10 Aug 2017 Written Update | 347 Star Plus – Synopsis

Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Duration: 21 min
Date of Release: 10 August 2017
Channel Name: Star Plus
Episode Number
Ishqbaaaz – Season 7, latest Episode 347– 10 August 2017 – Full Episode
Series Name: Ishqbaaz 2016